BuiltReady Scheme Rules

About this document

  • Published on 2 September 2022
  • Updated on 21 December 2022


BuiltReady scheme rules for scheme parties and manufacturers or certification bodies considering applying for the scheme. The rules may also be of interest to building consent authorities, industry professionals, or others interested in how the scheme works.


The BuiltReady scheme is open to modular building manufacturers who supply modular components for installation within Aotearoa New Zealand.

The BuiltReady scheme rules (the scheme rules) apply to the scheme parties, as identified in section 272ZG of the Building Act 2004 (the Act):

  1. the certification accreditation body
  2. all accredited and/or registered MCMCBs
  3. all modular component manufacturers (MCMs) that have current BuiltReady certification, whether or not these manufacturers are registered.


The BuiltReady Scheme Guidance is for building consent authorities, scheme participants, manufacturers, designers, builders and consumers.

It will help with understanding how BuiltReady allows for faster, more consistent building consent approaches for the design (where applicable) and manufacture of modular components.

This information is published by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s Chief Executive. It is a general guide only and, if used, does not relieve any person of the obligation to consider any matter to which the information relates according to the circumstances of the particular case. Expert advice may be required in specific circumstances. Where this information relates to assisting people: