Standards are an important source of content within the Building Code system.

A standard is a consensus-based technical document that sets a benchmark for how to do something. Standards are developed by technical committees and have been used in New Zealand and internationally for decades to inform a number of aspects of building design.

Standards New Zealand is responsible for managing the development of, and providing access to standards in New Zealand, operating under the Standards and Accreditation Act 2015.

Standards are referred to by the abbreviation NZS followed by a unique identifying number and date, for example NZS 4211:2011. AS/NZS refers to a standard developed jointly between Australia and New Zealand.

When a standard is published or revised, we review it to determine whether it is suitable to be incorporated by citing in an acceptable solution or verification method. We may also cite the standard subject to modifications.

An acceptable solution and verification method must make reference to the specific version of any referenced standards, and it is only this version that can be used to demonstrate compliance with the New Zealand Building Code.

Since 2019 MBIE has sponsored more than 120 New Zealand standards used in the Building Code system, making them freely available to the public.

Further information on sponsored standards is available on the Standards New Zealand website.

In 2021, MBIE launched two Operating Protocols relating to standards. The objective of these protocols is to provide increased transparency and consistency in MBIE's approach to the use of standards in the Building Code system.

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