Appendix 1: Building score sheet


Complete this score sheet to get a total score for the existing building (refer to Consider the key factors for further information). You can then use Table 1: Recommended information requirements – means of escape from fire to help you decide how much information you might typically request as part of the building consent process.

Building score sheet
Type Key factors Points Score
Likelihood of existing building complying Building age    
Approved from 1 June 2001 onwards 0  
Approved between 1 January 1993 and 31 May 2001 1  
Approved on or before 31 December 1992 3  
Information held on the building by the BCA or TA (Score one of these only and choose the most comprehensive assessment)    
For buildings approved from 1 June 2001: no consents made 0  
Full building assessment on file dated 1 June 2001 or later 2  
Full building assessment on file dated on or before 31 May 2001 4  
One or more partial building assessments on file 6  
No assessment on file for building additions or alterations 8  
Unable to determine history of building 8  
Extent of proposed work Extent of the proposed building work    
Minor 0  
Moderate 3  
Significant 6  
Potential consequences of not complying Building importance level    
Level 1 0  
Level 2 4  
Level 3 8  
Level 4 and Level 5 12  
Additional points for building level 1, 2 or 3 with sleeping facilities 4  
  Total score to use with table 1    



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