Building officials

This section provides a summary of some of the most pertinent parts of the Building Act 2004 for building officials, as well as an explanation of what some sections in the Act mean, and what implementing those sections will require - the day-to-day operational activities that territorial authorities and building consent authorities undertake.

Although this section focuses on territorial authorities and building consent authorities, much of it will also be applicable to regional authorities. Regional authorities are required to become building consent authorities to undertake building control work on dams.  They will also perform many territorial authority functions in respect of dams, including issuing project information memoranda, being responsible for the compliance schedule regime, and issuing certificates of acceptance.

Main topics in this section:

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Building consent authorities

Building consent authorities (BCAs) have a key role to play in ensuring New Zealand’s regulatory building control system works effectively.

A BCA is a territorial authority, regional authority or a private body that is registered as a BCA by the Department of Building and Housing, having been successfully assessed and accredited by the building consent accreditation body. They have demonstrated that the necessary competencies, processes and systems are in place to meet the accreditation standards for BCAs.

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Roles and responsibilities of BCAs

BCA accreditation and registration scheme

how the Department works collaboratively with BCAs through technical reviews.

Regional authorities will need to be accredited and registered BCAs to issue building consents for the construction of dams.