Guide to weathertight invasive testing

This video shows what a weathertight assessor will look for and test in your leaky home. Weathertight Services will organise a property assessment if your claim is eligible. The assessment is undertaken by a highly skilled building surveyor who is often required to make cut-outs in external walls. 

Beware of health hazards from mould and fungi

You need to be aware that there are potential health issues if walls are cut into during your property assessment. There might be mould or fungi growing in the damp conditions of your leaky home. You are at risk if you inhale their dry spores.

For the assessment, it can be better to cut panels in exterior claddings rather than internal linings to minimise health risks. Your assessor will temporarily repair any holes they create for these reasons.

Mould in damp buildings has guidance to help you identify and clean mould safely.

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