Final payment claim factsheet

If you’re a homeowner repairing your leaky home through the Financial Assistance Package, you will find guidance on making a claim for your final contribution payment in this factsheet.

A final payment claim is made when:

  • all repair work is complete
  • your repair has been issued with a code compliance certificate
  • you have finalised the amount of all invoices for the project.

It enables us to confirm the cost of your repairs based on your invoices and takes into account any variations that arose during the course of the repair.

Make a final payment claim

You will need to complete the ‘Final claim application form’, which is an Excel spreadsheet.

Send the completed form to us along with all the documentation listed in the form, including:

  • copy of code compliance certificate
  • copies of all invoices related to the approved repair work
  • construction contract documents, including:
    • details of expenditure on monetary allowances and variations
    • costs outside construction and associated costs
    • timber remediation statement(s).

You may wish to wait until you have made your final payment to your builder before submitting the claim.

Download the final payment claim and statements form.

MBIE’s review of invoices

We will review your claim to ensure that the amount claimed for each of the following can be supported:

  • Expenditure on repairs in accordance with the approved repair plan, reviewed against the amounts in the payment plan.
  • Expenditure on monetary allowances and variations, in order to adjust contribution in accordance with these changes. These expenses will be reviewed against:
    • your variation orders
    • timber remediation statement
    • the rates in the approved payment plan.
  • Expenditure on associated costs, reviewed against the amounts in the payment plan.

Your council, if contributing, will also need to review and approve any increase in total payments above the approved repair and associated costs in the payment plan. We will manage this process.

We will then confirm the total amount of contributions to be paid.

Final costs that won't receive contributions

  • Amounts in excess of those in the approved payment plan, unless they are supported by clear evidence that a variation was necessary to the scope of approved repairs.
  • Any costs relating to betterment or ‘other repairs’.

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