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Determinations are made by MBIE on matters of doubt or dispute to do with building work. Rulings are legally binding in relation to each case. Circumstances in one case may differ to others.

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2018/058: Refusal to issue a building consent for a modular house and the use of modules designed locally but prefabricated offshore

This determination considers the authority’s refusal to grant building consent for a house designed with modular units that are manufactured off-shore.  The design of the modular units was not supported by a MultiProof certificate at the time the application for building consent was made, but the authority maintained its refusal after a MultiProof certificate was issued.  The determination discusses the range of information available on which the authority could rely in making its decision.

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2018/049: Issue of a code compliance certificate for three buildings

This determination considers the decision of the authority to issue a code compliance certificate for three buildings when one building had not been constructed. The determination discusses the authority’s ability to reverse the code compliance certificate.

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2018/041: Building consent for a conference centre and the use of large building components prefabricated offshore

This determination considers the authority’s refusal to grant a building consent in relation to a structure that uses large building components prefabricated offshore. The determination discusses what is and is not “building work” in relation to the scope of building consents that use prefabricated components, as well as authority’s abilities to assess compliance of components that are prefabricated offshore.

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2018/035: Refusal to issue a certificate of acceptance and the issue of a notice to fix for alterations to a building

This determination concerns alterations carried out without a building consent and considers the authority's decisions to refuse to issue a certificate of acceptance and to issue a notice to fix.  The determination considers whether the building work was exempt work or was subject to an existing building consent, and discusses the content of the notice to fix and of the notification of refusal.

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2017/079: Decision to issue notice to fix for building work

Note: This determination is subject to appeal.

This determination concerns a return wall to a retaining wall built under a building consent; the return wall encroaches over the owners’ boundary into a neighbouring property.  The authority issued a notice to fix in respect of the return wall, as it is of the view it was a built without first obtaining an amendment to the consent.  The determination considers whether the notice to fix was correctly issued, and whether the return wall was a major or minor amendment to the building consent.

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2017/062: Grant of a building consent with a section 37 certificate for a house

This determination considered whether the authority’s decision to grant a building consent with an attached section 37 certificate that did not include a planning noncompliance that was not identified in the certificate. The determination also considers whether the authority could place a section 37 tag on the building work after the building consent had been issued.

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2017/061: Proposed demolition of half a duplex building and the compliance of the remaining half

This determination considers whether there was sufficient evidence provided in a building consent application for the authority to grant the consent under section 49 of the Act where half of a duplex is proposed to be demolished. The determination considered whether the proposed building work complies with Clauses B1, B2, C3, E2, and H1 of the Building Code.

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2017/043: Certificate of acceptance issued subject to qualifications for substituted imported composite slate roofing tiles on a house

This determination considers exclusions listed in a certificate of acceptance issued for the installation of imported composite slate roofing tiles.

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2017/037: Refusal to issue code compliance certificates for a 13-year-old house with brick and weatherboard claddings, and a swimming pool

This determination considers the authority’s decision to refuse to issue the code compliance certificates for the 13-year-old house and the swimming pool. The determination discusses the authority’s refusal to inspect the building work and whether there was sufficient evidence of compliance in order to issue the code compliance certificates.

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2017/030: Two notices to fix issued in relation to a relocated house and shed

This determination concerns two notices to fix: one issued in relation to foundations and flooring constructed for a shed without building consent and the other for work to reclad a relocated house. The determination discusses the scope of the building work covered by the building consent for the relocated house, the extent of compliance required by the Act, and whether the building work complies.

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