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Registration as a BCA

Last updated: 1 November 2008

Having been accredited as a BCA, an organisation may apply to the Chief Executive of MBIE to be registered.

Applicants complete registration application forms. Private organisations seeking registration will pay an application fee. The fee reflects the costs to MBIE of checking the greater amount of information required from private applicants, including assessing how they will meet the Act requirement that they have adequate means to meet any civil liabilities arising from their BCA functions.

Registration process

The registration process for council BCAs involves MBIE:

  • checking and updating general information it already holds, and collecting any necessary additional information (such as a copy of a valid accreditation certificate)
  • issuing a notice of registration and entering the name and other details of the registered authority on the register of BCAs.

Guidelines on registration of private organisations as Building Consent Authorities[PDF 270 KB]

Has information on the provisions in the Building Act for private entities.

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