Development and amendment of the Building Code

Last updated: 21 March 2016

To ensure the Building Code continues to set appropriate minimum standards for the performance of New Zealand's buildings, we seek to improve it and the Acceptable Solutions and Verification Methods that support it.

When we make changes to the Building Code, or to the Acceptable Solutions and Verification Methods, we undertake consultation first. You can keep up with any consultations or amendments by signing up for our news and updates.

Online versions of the Building Code, Acceptable Solutions and Verification Methods are up to date. Check any printed copies against the online versions to see if they are superseded. Each new version tracks the amendments and lists the changes.

Building Act Review

When the Building Act took effect in 2004, it introduced a review of the Building Code. The review took place in stages, in consultation with industry, government and consumer representatives. The review included:

  • research into and consultation on content and structure (to mid-2006)
  • work on and consulting on setting performance requirements (2006-2007)
  • reporting to the Minister with recommendations for changes to the Building Code and decisions by the government (2007-2008). In mid-2008 the then government agreed to a staged approach for implementing the recommended changes.

You can read more about the on-going development of the Building Code on the MBIE corporate website

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