Quiz answers: Liquefaction Lessons

Posted: 12 June 2020

Correct answers are in bold text.


1. During an earthquake, soil and water can combine to form a semi-solid material in a process called?

a. liquid faction
b. liquefaction.
c. quick sanding.

2. What report is required to assess a site is prone to liquefaction or not:

a. Geotechnical report.
b. Structural report.
c. Building services report.

3. Foundation solutions on land prone to liquefaction and/or lateral spreading will need to be:

a. consented as a Verification Method or Alternative Solution.
b. compliant with B1/AS1.
c. consented as an Acceptable Solution.

4. When will the new changes regarding building on liquefaction prone areas come in to effect?

a. Immediately, they are already in effect.
b. In two years, allowing a transition period to map liquefaction prone areas and increase awareness among stakeholders.
c. The changes are optional.

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