Quiz answers: Timber joinery and NZS 4211

Posted: 10 February 2020

Correct answers are in bold text.


1. What is the simplest way to check that timber joinery is manufactured to NZS 4211:2008?

a. Measure window profile sizes and check the designer's plans.
b. Locate the identification tag on the door or window frame.
c. Contact the manufacturer.

2. Can NZS 4211:2008-compliant timber joinery be used in an extra high wind zone?

a. Yes, if has been tested and certified for this use.
b. No.
c. Only if the homeowner signs a disclaimer.

3. How do you determine the wind zone of a property?

a. Using the procedure laid out in NZS 3604:2011 Timber-framed buildings.
b. You need to measure the wind levels on site.
c. By checking the weather forecast.

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