2019 recap of determinations

Posted: 10 February 2020

Last year, 70 determinations were issued, covering a wide range of topics from straw-bale houses to earthquake-prone building notices.

Some common topics for the year included pool safety, fire safety, and access routes. A few determinations from these topics are listed below:

Pool safety

2019/019 considered the size of the immediate pool area and the compliance of sliding doors as part of the barrier to the pool.

2019/025 discussed the compliance of an infinity pool.

2019/031 looked at the compliance of a pool barrier with palm trees adjacent to the barrier.

Fire safety

2019/004 concerned the compliance of the installation of a solid fuel heater.

2019/040 considered the amendment of a compliance schedule to remove the fire-rated mezzanine floor from the schedule for an early childhood centre.

2019/062 considered the escape path past the existing front house from a house at the rear of the site.

Access routes

2019/021 considered the compliance of a set of stairs designed for access to a mezzanine level in a farm building.

2019/041 discussed whether a lift is required to an elevated viewing platform of an arts centre.

Natural hazards

2019/059 considered whether the land is subject to a natural hazard, and whether the building work was a 'major alteration'.

2019/067 considered whether land adjacent to a coastal estuary is subject to a natural hazard - the hazard being inundation from rising sea levels and surface water flooding.

Novel cases

2019/006 considered the lifting of an insanitary building notice, and whether the building was insanitary or dangerous.

2019/015 concerned the refusal to extend the specific intended life of a straw-bale house.

2019/048 considered the refusal to issue a certificate of acceptance for plumbing and drainage work associated with a shipping container used as a mortuary.

2019/068 considered the issue of an earthquake-prone building notice for a reinforced concrete building.

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