Your rights and obligations in the building process

Posted: 3 December 2019

Whether you’re a builder, tradesperson, designer or homeowner, it pays to know your rights and obligations in the building process so you can protect yourself and others within the law.

With the first changes of the building law reforms expected to come into effect in mid-2020, now is a good time to refresh your knowledge on roles and responsibilities across the building sector.

For homeowners and commercial property owners, understanding your rights and obligations helps you to avoid potentially costly mistakes or delays, and will ensure your property is safe, healthy and durable.

For builders, designers and tradespeople, knowing your obligations helps you to avoid disputes and reduces the likelihood of rework being required. It will also ensure you don’t infringe against the Building Act or risk disciplinary action from your professional body.

Refresh your knowledge

Our Building Performance website provides a range of information to help you understand the roles and responsibilities of those involved in the building process. This includes:

Stay up to date on the building law reforms

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