Quiz answers: Keeping your records straight

Posted: 3 December 2019

Correct answers are in bold text.


1. When should you provide a ROW?

a. When the client has paid for the work.
b. When the job is complete.
c. When your part of the job is complete, or you do not anticipate returning to do more work.

2. The Building Act requires LBPs to send ROWs to:

a. The main contractor who engaged them.
b. The homeowner and the territorial authority.
c. The homeowner and/or the territorial authority, if they ask for one.

3. If the Board finds that you failed to provide a ROW, the likely disciplinary action will be:

a. Cancelling your licence.
b. A fine and payment of costs towards the enquiry.
c. Nothing, as long as you agree to fill in the ROW.

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