Quiz answers: Tips on LBP ID cards

Posted: 18 October 2019

Correct answers are in bold text.


1. Which document is NOT suitable to prove you are a licensed building practitioner?

a. LBP ID card.
b. Letter from the Registrar confirming your licence.
c. Driver licence.

2. Who can ask to see evidence of your licence?

a. Potential employers.
b. The homeowner.
c. Council inspectors.
d. Anyone.

3. Do you need to notify MBIE if you legally change your name?

a. Yes, it needs to be updated on the public register and your ID card.
b. No, MBIE will automatically know if your name has been changed.

4. What kind of photo can you use for your LBP ID card?

a. A selfie.
b. A passport-quality photo, printed or digital.
c. An airbrushed photo.

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