Interested in medium-density housing?

Posted: 18 October 2019

An introduction to medium-density housing for developers, builders and project managers has been published by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

It can be found on the Building Performance website.

This content takes you through what you need to know before beginning a medium-density housing (MDH) development, and is part of the wider higher-density housing initiative led by MBIE.

The new content includes three case studies which reflect real-world scenarios of MDH projects. Each case study focuses on one of the three main categories of MDH, which range from one-storey attached houses to six-storey apartments.

Further information on the eight Building Code clauses that are most relevant to higher-density housing (collectively known as the HD8) can be found in issue 89 of Codewords.

This information is published by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s Chief Executive. It is a general guide only and, if used, does not relieve any person of the obligation to consider any matter to which the information relates according to the circumstances of the particular case. Expert advice may be required in specific circumstances. Where this information relates to assisting people: