Improving C/AS2 Fire Acceptable Solution

Posted: 18 October 2019

On 27 June 2019 MBIE released a technical update to Acceptable Solution C/AS2, to provide an updated pathway for compliance with the Building Code provisions relating to protection from fire.

The updated C/AS2 combines six previously separate Acceptable Solutions into a single compliance document. This means C/AS2 now applies across all building risk groups with the exception of small residential buildings and outbuildings, which are covered by C/AS1, and complex buildings which are out of scope for an Acceptable Solution.

MBIE has received a lot of feedback from the sector on further potential improvements to C/AS2. We are currently analysing this feedback and are likely to make amendments to C/AS2 as a result. We expect to issue a public consultation document in March 2020 to support this work, as part of the biannual Building Code update programme.

Changes to C/AS2 resulting from this consultation will come into effect in June 2020.

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