Quiz answers: Free building standards

Posted: 18 October 2019

Correct answers are in bold text


1. Where can you download free building-related standards?

a. standards.govt.nz.
b. lbp.govt.nz.
c. mbie.govt.nz.
d. building.govt.nz

2. Why has MBIE funded building-related Standards so they can be downloaded for free?

a. Standards are overpriced.
b. To reduce the cost of using Standards, so that people are more likely to use them, leading to better outcomes in the construction industry.
c. To encourage using the digital versions of Standards.

3. How are Standards developed?

a. They are dictated by what the government regulates.
b. They are developed by expert technical committees.
c. They are developed by manufacturers to specify how to use their products.

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