Quiz answers: Organising elective skills maintenance

Posted: 31 July 2019

Correct answers are in bold text.


1. Starting your elective skills maintenance well before the due date has which benefits?

a. Reduces stress when it comes to renewal time.
b. Lets you be more picky about which learning opportunities you invest in.
c. Allows you to accumulate extra hours for future skills maintenance rounds.
d. Both a. and b.

2. If a course is advertised as being worth six skills maintenance hours, what does this mean?

a. It is a guideline from the course provider, that six hours of the course will be relevant to LBP competencies.
b. MBIE has assessed the course and found it is worth six skills maintenance hours.
c. You will learn six new things.
d. The course will be six hours long.

3. For an activity to be a valid form of elective skills maintenance, it must:

a. Be led by a course provider.
b. Be relevant to improving your competency as an LBP.
c. Last longer than two hours.
d. Involve reading.

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