Quiz answers: Your duty in labour-only contracts

Posted: 3 April 2019

Correct answers are in bold text.


1. There is a dispute between the client and your main contractor over the quality of the build. You were working under a labour-only contract. Which of the following is true?

a. You are liable, no matter what.
b. You will be liable but only if you completed a ROW for the work.
c. You are accountable to the Building Practitioners Board for your work.

2. There is no building consent for a piece of work you are about to undertake, and the work is not exempt under Schedule 1 of the Building Act 2004. What should you do?

a. Start work, as the main contractor assures you the consent is on its way.
b. Don’t worry about it – it is the responsibility of the homeowner.
c. Refuse to start work until you have seen the consent.

3. True or false – homeowners should have all the required knowledge for a build, so you can just follow orders.

a. True, nothing to worry about as they’ll face the consequences.
b. False, you are the expert and need to make sure you meet your responsibilities.

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