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Quiz answers: New products, new compliance challenges

Posted: 3 April 2019

Correct answers are in bold text.


1. MBIE’s job in relation to new building products is to:

a. Assess every new building product on the market to see if it complies with the Building Code.
b. Investigate complaints from others that a building product does not comply with the Building Code.
c. Investigate misleading advertising of building products.

2. If a complaint to MBIE does not have a lot of detail or evidence:

a. It will be difficult for MBIE to take action on the complaint and it may not be investigated further.
b. An investigator can fill in missing details and evidence.
c. It doesn’t matter, the burden of proof is on the supplier to provide evidence that the complaint is wrong.

3. As the result of a complaint regarding a building product, MBIE can:

a. Order the supplier to refund everyone who has bought the product.
b. Ban the product to protect other people from using it.
c. Fine the supplier for false advertising.

4. Who can make a complaint to MBIE about a building product?

a. Only someone who has purchased the product themselves.
b. LBPs who are experts on that type of building product.
c. Anyone.

5. If you lay a complaint with MBIE about a building product, who can see the details of the complaint?

a. Only MBIE staff.
b. Complaints sent to MBIE fall within the definition of official information and, if requested, MBIE may have to release details about the complaint to other individuals or organisations where appropriate under the Official Information Act 1982.
c. All complaints automatically go on the MBIE website for anyone to see.

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