BSP General Manager update – Codewords 89

Posted: 3 April 2019

Welcome to Issue 89 of Codewords.
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Last issue I discussed an upcoming consultation on a number of proposed changes to address issues in the building regulatory system.

Very soon we’ll be asking for your feedback on changes in the areas of building products and methods, occupational regulation, risk and liability, building levy, and offences and penalties.

The Building System Legislative Reform Programme consultation is your opportunity to tell us what you think of the work to date. It’s significant and complex. But it’s about lifting quality in the building sector so that things go right the first time, and there are fairer outcomes if they go wrong.

Alongside this project, Building System Performance’s work programme this year is all about supporting improvements to the building system while ensuring buildings are safe, healthy and durable. There are five priority projects in total, including the Building System Legislative Reform Programme outlined above. The others are:

  • Construction Sector Accord
    Establishing a mutual commitment between government and the construction sector to work together to transform the industry for the success of New Zealand.
  • Building System Strategy
    Developing a Building System Strategy to set a clear direction for New Zealand over the next 10–15 years. The strategy will define the vision, goals and performance framework for how performance will be measured across the building system.
  • Skills Strategy
    The plan was launched on 4 October 2018, and focuses on government and the building and construction sector working together so that skilled people are available to meet the needs of the construction workforce.
  • Building Code Delivery Framework
    Strengthening the management of the Building Code so it is consistently updated, sets clear minimum performance requirements, and allows for sector innovation and best practice.

These priority projects support three outcomes:

  • partnering with industry to improve performance
  • defining a long-term measurable strategy for the building system
  • enabling and supporting the sector to respond to challenges.

This work is needed if we’re to make sure the building regulatory system is efficient, future-focused and encourages innovation. 

And if you haven’t already, you can still provide feedback on the proposed changes under the Building Code biannual update programme. Changes include support for more densified housing solutions and the Healthy Homes requirements, as well as new means of testing claddings.

The consultation is open until 5 April 2019. 

Enjoy issue 89 of Codewords.

Anna Butler
GM Building System Performance (BSP)
Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

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