Quiz answers: Suspensions

Correct answers are in bold text.


1. How long can you voluntarily suspend your licence (or class of licence) for?

a. Up to 6 months
b. Up to 2 years
c. As long as a piece of string

2. When can you uplift your voluntary suspension on your licence (or class of licence)?

a. When the suspension period you selected has ended
b. 2 years after your voluntary suspension started
c. Any time, but you can only voluntarily suspend your licence for 2 years

3. If your licence is suspended because you did not complete relicensing, what are you able to do?

a. Only carry out RBW under the supervision of an LBP
b. Supervise RBW as long as you're not the person carrying it out
c. Tell people that you're an LBP

4. How long will a suspension stay on your public register profile?

a. Until you request to have it removed
b. 3 years
c. 1 year

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