Designing for access and usability

“Buildings for everyone – Designing for access and usability” has been recently published on the Building Performance website, with the aim to improve understanding of all building users’ needs when accessing public buildings.

The guide is for those who own, design, build, and manage public buildings to encourage them to consider the varying needs of members of the public right from the start.

Permanent or temporary disability affects about a quarter of the population at any one time. Everyone should be able to access and use public buildings. This guide describes the building user experience for people with different physical, sensory and cognitive capabilities and shows practical approaches to the design, construction and management of public buildings to meet their needs.

The guide provides information about good practice for the design of buildings that are safe and easy to use for everyone, some of which may exceed the requirements of the Building Code.

View the "Buildings for everyone: Designing for access and usability" guide.

This information is published by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s Chief Executive. It is a general guide only and, if used, does not relieve any person of the obligation to consider any matter to which the information relates according to the circumstances of the particular case. Expert advice may be required in specific circumstances. Where this information relates to assisting people: