BSP General Manager update – Codewords 87

The end of a year offers the opportunity to look back at what has been achieved, and forward to what is coming.
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Never have the Government and society’s expectations been so high around what the building and construction sector needs to deliver. But the sector also faces some complex challenges, and needs the building regulatory system to support the sector to deliver.

Building System Performance is focused on four key areas that need to work together effectively if New Zealand is to have a modern, world-class building regulatory system.

  • People: an available, accountable workforce with the right skills for the industry and protection for consumers

The Construction Skills Action Plan was launched in October, and work on the licensed building practitioner regime and licensing regime for engineers continues in the occupational regulation space.

  • Products: reliable and fit for purpose building products contribute to the safety and durability of buildings

The products regulatory review is underway.

  • Performance standards: these need to be clear, reasonable and look to the future

BSP has shaped up the Building Code improvement programme, including introducing bi-annual Building Code updates.

  • Processes: both regulatory and commercial, that are risk-based, balanced and efficient

Options to mitigate risks and rebalance how liability is allocated when things go wrong are being considered.

In 2019 our work programme will continue to build – focusing on the four Ps of people, products, performance standards and process. The next two years will see some big shifts in the system. You will hear more about how you can contribute to public consultation on these key projects next year.

Shaping the system in a way that meets current and future needs can only be achieved with support, involvement and input from the sector. In recent months hundreds of people across the sector have provided input and feedback on BSP projects and initiatives. Thank you for your ongoing participation.

Even with the end of the year approaching, things are not slowing down. The final Building Advisory Panel meeting for 2018 is coming up, and the amendments to Acceptable Solutions and Verification Methods, which were consulted on during August and September, have now been published. You can read more about the amendments in this issue of Codewords.

Finally, BSP recently released information on the progress being made to identify potentially earthquake-prone buildings. You can read more about this on the Building Performance website.

Read Progress report (2018) - identifying potential EPBs in high seismic risk areas.

Enjoy this issue of Codewords.

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Anna Butler
General Manager Building System Performance

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