Quiz answers: Top plate connections



1. Which of the following is not correct? Walls with no bracing elements may have top plate connections made by:

a. a halved and nailed joint
b. a butted and nailed joint over blocking
c. a minimum of 3 kN capacity alternative fixing
d. a minimum of 6 kN capacity alternative fixing

2. Which of the following is correct?

a. joints in top plates may be made anywhere in the top plate.
b. joints in top plates must be made over a support such as a stud or solid blocking

3. True or false? In-line wall connections of 3–6 kN capacity are not required under NZS 3604:2011 if an extra top plate is used.

a. True
b. False

4. In Figure 3, if the wall on bracing line D has less than 250 BUs, connections at M3 and O3 must be

a. 3 kN capacity
b. 6 kN capacity
c. 2.4 kN/100 BU capacity

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