Quiz answers: Concrete foundation wall reinforcing

Correct answers are in bold text.


1. The deformed reinforcing for concrete and concrete masonry foundation walls to NZS 3604:2011 is:

a. 8mm in diameter
b. 10mm in diameter
c. 12mm in diameter
b. 16mm in diameter.

2. Deformed bars are used because they:

a. slip more easily through the concrete
b. form a good bond with the concrete.

3. Laps to the D12 horizontal reinforcing must be at least:

a. 300mm
b. 500mm
c. 700mm
d. 1000mm

4. The minimum bend diameter of R10 reinforcing for stirrups is:

a. 20mm
b. 55mm
c. 60mm
d. 65mm

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