BC Update round up

Posted: 31 July 2018

Several Building Controls Updates (BC Updates) have been released during June and July 2018. You can read these updates by following the links below.

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BC Update 235: MBIE publishes Alternative Solution Guidance for NZ Building Code clause C
Published 30 July 2018
MBIE has published a guide to help develop alternative solutions for complying with the performance requirements of New Zealand Building Code clauses C1-C6 Protection from Fire (the fire clauses).


BC Update 234: Suspension of six aluminium composite panel (ACP) CodeMark certificates
Published 26 July 2018
MBIE has suspended six aluminium composite panel (ACP) CodeMark certificates.


BC Update 233: MBIE publishes guide to managing buildings in an emergency
Published 6 July 2018
Territorial authorities need to plan to carry out building emergency management activities and keep plans current.


BC Update 232: MBIE releases addendum to Statistics House Investigation report
Published 4 July 2018
Addendum to the original Independent Panel’s investigation report into the partial floor collapse at Statistics House


BC Update 231: MBIE publishes guide to altering an existing building
Published 22 June 2018
Altering an existing building requirements apply to all existing buildings, including those that are earthquake prone.

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