BSP General Manager update – Codewords 84

Posted: 5 June 2018

Welcome to another issue of Codewords for 2018.

In the last issue I discussed the Building System Performance branch work plan and the seven priority areas we are working toward. We are making progress on all priorities, but the top three around skills, consenting, and risk and liability have been a big focus for the branch in the first half of this year. This work will support KiwiBuild objectives and enhance the building regulatory system.

As part of the Construction Sector Skills Strategy project MBIE presented a draft action plan to Cabinet at the end of May. The Action Plan will build the capacity and capability of the sector, so that New Zealand has the construction workforce it needs now, and in the future.

A good consenting process is able to deliver consistency, clarity and certainty. Through our More Efficient Consenting project BSP is working to identify why the current process is not consistent, clear or certain for users and will be working with the sector to test options for improving the current process.

Risk in the building process is frequently cited as an area of concern amongst the sector. The aim of our Risk and Liability project is to rebalance risk and liability in the building process so that parties take appropriate responsibility for their work, building consent authorities are not driven to be over-cautious and are more open to innovation, and consumers are protected if things go wrong.

We’ve started to talk about these priorities with industry, including engaging with the Building Advisory Panel when they met in mid-May. BSP sought the BAP’s feedback on work to date on the all three projects. They were supportive of the approach we are taking to the work and are eager to see rapid progress. Sub-groups of Panel members agreed to do further thinking to support our work on the Skills Strategy and the Risk and Liability project.

Enjoy this edition of Codewords.

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Anna Butler
GM, Building System Performance

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