Quiz answers: Timber-framing and foundation pointers

Correct answers are in bold text.


1. What is the maximum diameter hole you can drill in a 90 mm stud, if you are complying with NZ 3604:2011?

a. 50 mm
b. Any size providing it is not a trimmer stud 
c. 25 mm, but may be increased to 35 mm in some cases.

2. What size hole can be drilled in a 140 mm stud, according to the BRANZ Guideline January 2018?

a. 38 mm 
b. It depends on the grade of the timber 
c. 50 mm 
d. It is up to the plumber

3. Do the consented plans take precedence over other drawings when establishing a building layout?

a. Yes
b. No

4. Where can tolerances for timber framing be found?

a. In the 2018 Builders Omnibus 
b. In either section 1.3 of SNZ HB 3604: 2011 or section 2.2 of NZS3604:2011
c. Schedule 1 of the Building Act

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