Quiz answers: Designers – know your responsibilities

Correct answers are in bold text.

1) As a designer, what are my obligations in relation to advice I give about building work?

a. You are responsible for ensuring that the builder carries out the building work in accordance with the Building Code.
b. Your advice should result in the work being compliant with the Building Code, as long as the advice is followed by others.
c. Everyone else must agree with your advice.

2) Did anything change last year for Design 1 licence holders?

a. No, the only change was a new competency for Design 2 and 3 licences.
b. Yes, some contracting obligations were highlighted among other minor changes.
c. No, section 14D of the Building Act has not changed.

3) Is a designer responsible for ensuring Building Code compliance in plans when drafting plans for a small 2 m by 3 m shed on a property?

a. Yes, this responsibility applies to all building work.
b. No this work is exempt building work, only the builder is responsible for building it right.
c. No, but you need to get building consent for that.

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