LBP Registrar update (Codewords 81)

Posted: 29 November 2017

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Welcome to the final edition of LBP Knowledge for 2017.
Paul HobbsPaul Hobbs

This edition signals the end of another busy year for those working in the sector. One thing’s clear – things don’t appear to be letting up anytime soon! 

First, we’d like to remind you that the requirements for completing skills maintenance have been amended. To make it easier for LBPs there are now three ways to submit skills maintenance activities:

  • using the online LBP portal
  • submitting a PDF from an external online skills maintenance service
  • if you prefer paper, by submitting your skills maintenance declaration with your relicensing form via the post.

The team is confident this new ‘mixed-method’ approach is the right way forward, and we’ll monitor the system as the sector continues to develop.

If you’re an LBP and have any questions about your skills maintenance, head to the LBP website or contact the team by phone on 0800 60 60 50 or email on

We have published several articles about the new skills model in recent editions of Codewords – you may find it useful to read over these or discuss them with your workmates.   

In this edition we have two regulatory articles – the first is about builder responsibilities and the second is about records of work (RoWs). We’ve been promoting good practice around issuing RoWs for some time now, but the Building Practitioners Board is still receiving a high number of complaints about clients not receiving a RoW. It’s worth noting that in the early days of the Electrical Workers scheme electrical certificates of compliance were not always issued in a timely or compliant manner by electrical workers. However, now that this system is well entrenched, this is much less of an issue.  

After focusing on builder responsibilities in this edition, look out for a similar article for designers next time.

One final note – your next LBP ID card will have a new look helping our brand stay modern and relevant. However, nothing is changing in respect of the LBP logo you print or place on your card or car.

Enjoy the coming summer months and we look forward to another busy and productive year in 2018.    

Paul Hobbs
Registrar Building Practitioner Licensing

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