Quiz answers: Exempt Building Work, Part 3

Correct answers are in bold text.

1) What kind of building work is covered by exemption 1?

a. New builds and repairs.
b. Additions and alterations.
c. Garages and maintenance.
d. Repairs, replacements and maintenance.

2) In terms of Schedule 1, what else do I need to consider when replacing something with a similar component?

a. The value of the work.
b. Whether the new component will be Building Code compliant and will be in the same position.
c. Whether I hold the right kind of LBP licence.

3) If my house has 30-year-old timber weatherboards that are beginning to degrade, can I replace them with new timber weatherboards without a building consent?

a. Yes, it’s covered by exemption 1.
b. No, you need a building consent regardless of anything else.

4) Do I need a building consent to install a new long-run corrugated metal roof to replace my leaking 12-year-old waterproof membrane roof?

a. No, because it involves replacing a roof cladding with another roof cladding.
b. No, because the replacement roof cladding is in the same position.
c. Yes, because the existing roof cladding has failed its 15-year durability requirement.

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