Determinations and Building System Assurance teams move to Market Services

Posted: 28 September 2017

MBIE’s recent review showed Building System Performance (BSP) is the regulatory system within MBIE that needs the most attention to improve performance. As part of the change, the Determinations team and a new Building System Assurance team have moved into the Market Services group in MBIE.

Market Services specialises in delivering operational regulatory functions across MBIE. It is already home to the licenced building practitioner regime, so is thoroughly experienced in running building-related functions. 

From Monday 4 September Determinations became a stand-alone team, which gives this important regulatory function clearer independence from the policy aspects of MBIE’s building work. The team will be led by Katie Gordon, who has experience in MBIE working on tenancy issues and more recently in Weathertight Services. 

John Gardiner finished at MBIE this month, so if you used to talk to John about determinations issues, please get in touch with Katie. The determinations inbox ( is still active and you will continue to deal with the same staff on determinations and Section 200 complaints. 

In addition, from 4 September MBIE’s product quality and certification functions (including CodeMark and MultiProof) were combined with our role in BCA accreditation and BCA/TA monitoring to create the new Building System Assurance team. This change combines our external-facing, day-to-day functions into a cohesive whole. We have also boosted capability, adding additional resources to the team. 

Melanie Smith, who has recently been leading the engineering team in MBIE, has been appointed acting manager of the Building System Assurance team. Melanie has taken over managing the BCA accreditation and monitoring work from Pete Laurenson and product and certification work from John. The Building System Assurance team still has the same staff you may have dealt with previously and our inbox for product complaints ( and BCA accreditation ( are still available. 

John and Pete have made a big contribution to MBIE and to New Zealand’s building and construction sector and we wish them well in their future endeavours. 

With Determinations and Building System Assurance now in Market Services, BSP General Manager Anna Butler will no longer be responsible for these teams.

If you have any questions or enquiries, do not hesitate to contact us.

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