Using staged building consents

Posted: 31 January 2017

Building under construction
Owners can make a series of building consent applications for stages of proposed building work (‘staged building consents’) under Section 44(2) of the Building Act 2004.

Staged building consents may be useful where the scope of each stage of your building work (new build or alterations) can be clearly defined. Applications that might be staged include, but are not limited to:

  • multi-storey buildings
  • multi-unit apartments or development blocks
  • large public buildings (eg shopping malls, hospitals).

For example, staged building consents would be suitable for the demolition of an existing four-storey building on a central city site, followed by the ‘fast-track‘ construction of a new eight-storey office building that will be occupied by a single tenant.

Fast-track construction allows the early building work, which is fully documented by the plans and specifications, to proceed once consented, even though the design team is yet to complete the detailed design, working drawings and associated documents for the upcoming stages of the project.

Such a project could be handled as a series of four consents:

Stage 1 – demolition and removal of existing four-storey building

Stage 2 – site works/retaining walls/foundations/basement car park/ground floor slab/drainage

Stage 3 – remainder of the ‘base-build’ above the ground floor slab, including structure, weathertight building envelope (cladding, glazing, roofing) and base-build services (plumbing, electrical, mechanical services, lifts, fire protection)

Stage 4 – internal fitout of tenanted spaces, including the connection to base-build services.

Since each stage is a unique building consent, a Code Compliance Certificate will be issued for each stage once the building consent authority (BCA) is satisfied, on reasonable grounds, that the building work has been completed in accordance with the consented documents.

Although staged building consents are typically used with larger-scale building projects, such consents could also be used on a simple detached house build. If you are considering a staged building consent, MBIE recommends engaging with your BCA early in the design process.

Staged consents has more information.

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