Update on MBIE’s Fire Programme

Posted: 9 December 2016

Since launching in July 2015, the MBIE Fire Programme, which will be publicly consulted on next year, continues to make progress as those involved work towards developing improved fire safety solutions with stakeholders.

Updates to the programme in the last few months include:

  • Project 1: Review Fire safety requirements for supported housing
    The first draft of the Design Guide and Code of Practice for fire safety for supported housing is being reviewed by the stakeholder governance group.
  • Project 6: Reintroduce alternative solutions
    A draft guide for carrying out alternative solutions is currently with the Working Group for feedback.
  • Project 7: Review of Acceptable Solutions C/AS1-7
    The programme received strong feedback during the series of workshops held in August and September to proceed with an alternative format for Acceptable Solutions. Work continues on developing the draft, with the intention to undertake testing on this in early 2017. Proceeding with any change to the alternative format will depend on stakeholders supporting the change.
  • Project 8: Build categorisation systems
    Targeted consultation on a proposal to remove Purpose Groups from the “change the use” regulations has been undertaken. The response received so far has been encouraging and feedback and development of possible solutions are being considered.
  • Project 10: Structural performance in fire
    A draft Practice Advisory on roles and responsibilities for structural performance in fire has received feedback from the Working Group. Further feedback is being sought from the Society of Fire Protection Engineers New Zealand (SFPE) and SESOC.

    Proposed amendments to Building Code Clause C6 have received comments from the Working Group. The proposals are now being revised accordingly and will go back to the Working Group in the near future.
  • Project 15: Review C/VM2
    The Working Group met on 27 October 2016 to continue developing amendments to the Verification Method, including the addition of specific requirements for tall buildings.

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