LBP Registrar update (Codewords 75)

Posted: 9 December 2016

Welcome again to the LBP section of Codewords.
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The two LBP articles included in this edition will tell you what you need to know about the new skills maintenance programme, which took effect on 2 November 2015, and the changes to NZS 4246, which is a standard for effective and safe insulation installation methods.

What’s in the pipeline for LBPs?

The LBP scheme turns 10 next year, which is significant milestone for MBIE and those involved in the scheme. Many industry groups have thrown their weight behind the scheme and it is also great to see such a high level of engagement and participation across the sector.

The upcoming 10-year anniversary also makes this a good time for an update on what we are doing behind the scenes of the LBP scheme.

  • We are developing criteria that new licence classes and areas of practice should meet. These will help individuals, industry groups and government have a meaningful conversation about possible new licence classes or areas of practice, and ensure that any changes to the scheme enhance the integrity and value of the LBP brand.
  • Access to New Zealand Standards is another area under consideration and we are investigating what future Standards access might look like for the LBP population.
  • We’re also having a look at making qualifications mandatory for new LBPs. This work is at an early stage and there will be plenty of time for the industry to have its say before any decisions are made. Watch this space next year.
  • Intelligence gained from the complaints function and feedback from LBPs and industry bodies is being used to improve the scheme. Improvements include more targeted education around regulatory knowledge and common issues.
  • Better and more robust auditing of skills maintenance is on the horizon and is projected to begin late next year.
  • A wider review of many occupational regulations is underway. The review will look for similarities in these regimes and how they can be aligned and simplified. This is at a fairly high level, but may have long-term influence on the scheme’s direction.

As this is the last Codewords for the year I wish you a happy, safe and restful break over the summer holidays – 2017 looks set to be another busy one.

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