Quiz answers: Know your stuff – restricted building work


Know your stuff – restricted building work

1) Does building work need to have a building consent in order to be RBW?

a. Yes

2) Work to what types of buildings is RBW?

d. Residential houses of any height or small to medium-sized apartment buildings of less than 10 metres in height. These buildings must not have any commercial elements such as shops in them.

3) Is building a detached garage in the back yard RBW?

b. No. Building a garage that is not attached to the existing house is not building work to the primary structure or external moisture management systems of a residential house or small to medium-sized apartment building (of less than 10 metres in height)

4) If you’re unsure about whether work is RBW who should you call for information?

c. The local council. Alternatively, you can check the LBP website or call MBIE’s Building Advice contact centre line on 0800 242 243.

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