LBP profile on Peter Watson

Posted: 29 July 2016

Builder Peter Watson is a lucky man, the kind of guy who wins lucky draw prizes and raffles.

When builder Peter Watson got the call to say he was to receive the 30,000th LBP licence to be issued, he wasn’t surprised.

“I always seem to be lucky with this kind of stuff. I told the boys on site and we all had a good laugh about it,” said Peter, who had only recently traded a pair of gumboots for steel caps.

“I was working on a sheep and beef farm when the Christchurch earthquake hit. I thought it would be a good time to get my trade and make a difference, so I moved to Christchurch.”

“I took up carpentry – I really like building things. Carpentry is the sort of trade you get to do a bit of everything, rather than concentrating on the one thing. One day you might be working on a roof, the next on a staircase, the next cabinetry – it’s a different thing every day." 

Peter finished his carpentry apprenticeship a year and a half ago, and currently works for Christchurch building company H&R Garlick.

“Having finished my apprenticeship and taking my work a bit more seriously, getting my LBP licence seemed like a logical next step. If I decide to branch out in my own business in the future, it will be really important too.

“I’m still pretty new to the trade so I want more people to teach me things! Building is the kind of industry where you are constantly learning from others – smarter, more efficient ways of doing things – and for the moment I am enjoying soaking up as much information as I can.”

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