Building consent exemptions clarified

Posted: 29 July 2016

An amendment to building consent exemptions means all carports can meet the exemption requirements (free-standing and attached). We also explain the 10sqm rule relating to single-storey detached buildings.

Exemption 18 now covers free-standing as well as attached carports

Clause 18 (more commonly known as exemption 18) of Schedule 1, which deals with carports, was amended by the Building (Exempt Building Work) Order 2016. We have also amended our guidance document ‘Building work that does not require a building consent’ to reflect this change.

From 30 June 2016, you don’t need building consent for a carport, whether free-standing or attached, that is on the ground level and no greater than 20m2 in floor area. Previously, the exemption referred only to attached carports.

How the 10m2 rule applies (in relation to single-storey detached buildings)

A question often asked is “how is the 10m2 measured for exemption 3 (single-storey detached buildings)?”. The short answer is, by the net floor area.

This measurement is reflected in some of the examples provided in MBIE’s guidance document, ‘Building work that does not require a building consent’.

You can also find a definition for the term ‘net floor area’ in the document’s glossary. There it is described as ‘The total usable floor area in a building, measured to the inside of the enclosing walls’ (see page 107).

Building work that does not require a building consent  

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