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  • Who are Licensed Building Practitioners accountable to if they have supervised an unlicensed person who has done poor work?
    • The Building Practitioners Board. A complaint can be made about the conduct of a Licensed Building Practitioner in either carrying out or supervising building work.
  • Can an LBP supervise another LBP if they are both licensed but one of them doesn’t know how to install the product?
    • No, if they are both licensed in the appropriate class for the work, they can’t supervise each other. They can help, guide or instruct each other to ensure that they are doing a good job, but they are both accountable for work they carry out because they both hold relevant licences.
  • If you’re supervising someone who is unlicensed and they are not doing RBW, do you need to provide a Record of Work for their work?
    • No, you only need to provide a RoW if you carry out or supervise someone carrying out RBW. It is worth noting that, as an LBP, you can be held accountable to the Board for poor work that is not RBW.
  • What is the purpose of supervision as defined in the Building Act 2004?
    • To ensure that the building work is performed competently and complies with the building consent that has been issued.

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