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Registrar's update

Posted: 23 March 2016

Paul Hobbs
Welcome to my Registrar's update for March.

In this edition of LBP news, we feature articles on the new asbestos regulations that come into force on 4 April 2016. The new licensing system for asbestos-related work is aimed at ensuring people working with asbestos have the necessary skills and experience to keep themselves, and others, safe.

As this is an important (life-safety) message please note this will be the first mandatory reading material for all LBPs who have been notified they have transitioned into the new skills maintenance scheme. 

We also run a feature profile on Harry Taylor, one of our LBP assessors who recently travelled to Nepal to share his technical skills and building knowledge with those who were affected by the recent sequence of earthquakes there.

In other news, I am thrilled to advise that BRANZ’s Build magazine will soon be provided to all LBPs free of charge!  I see this as a significant decision that supports the LBP scheme and would like to thank BRANZ, and in particular the Board at BRANZ, for making this happen.  Over coming months all LBPs will be ‘opted-into’ the publication via the LBP register and Build will be sent to you without a subscription fee attached. Future editions of Build will also feature a limited number of LBP-specific articles from Codewords. These articles will represent the mandatory reading component of the new LBP skills maintenance scheme and will feature in the ‘Departments’ section of Build. The asbestos article noted above is an example of this. 

Why do this?

  • I see this as a massive value-add for LBPs as this is an authoritative building publication with great content 
  • LBPs can access a range of building-related skills maintenance content, which can service both the elective and mandatory skills maintenance requirements of the LBP scheme
  • Some LBPs have signalled they prefer reading a paper copy of their favoured publication and this provides that flexibility. LBPs are still encouraged to complete the entry of their skills maintenance online (in the LBP portal) as this is the one place where all skills maintenance requirements can be logged. The LBP portal model is user-friendly and largely monitors your progress for you. Make your life easier and use it!
  • BRANZ and LBPs will continue to collaborate on other initiatives so that LBPs are being provided with quality training and varied skills maintenance opportunities that are both relevant and easy to access.

Work is almost complete on refining the competencies for brick and blocklaying, external plastering and design. The Ministry has worked alongside a sector reference group and other interested parties to progress these competences to their near final form.  Most of the changes are of a minor technical nature. However, the Proprietary Plaster Cladding System (PPCS) plastering area of practice and the related competencies will move away from listing specific cladding substrates to a more generic approach that will include materials such as aerated concrete panel products.  A final round of consultation will be posted on the LBP website in due course.

Lastly, I hope the new-look Codewords and building website better meet your needs. We will continue to refine and develop the content we offer, and don’t forget to look out for future copies of Build. 

Until the next edition.

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