MBIE issues fire design guidance for fire stations

Posted: 23 March 2016

The New Zealand Fire Service (NZFS) has developed a design guide for fire stations to meet Building Code requirements for fire safety (the C clauses).

NZFS will apply the design guide to develop specific designs (Alternative Solutions) for both new buildings and alterations to existing buildings.  The use of the design guide is aimed at reducing the time and cost to develop fire designs, and ensuring quality fire designs that comply with the Building Code.

Read the s175 Guidance and the design guides

The guidance describes how the design guide should be applied by designers and how Building Consent Authorities should use it when considering building consent applications.

If you are a designer and have any questions about the design guides, please contact engineers@fire.org.nz

If you are a Building Consent Authority and have any questions about the design guides, please contact firereview@mbie.govt.nz

MBIE has been approached by other parties with specialist buildings about the possibility of developing a design guide, and will support the development of further guidance. For more information about this work, please email firereview@mbie.govt.nz

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