Strengthening MBIE’s role as building regulator

Posted: 2 October 2017

A recent review showed Building System Performance (BSP) is the regulatory system within MBIE that needs the most attention to improve performance.

Following that review, BSP is being transformed to shape the building regulatory system to meet New Zealand’s current and future needs.

General Manager BSP Anna Butler says, “The work MBIE and BSP does matters – building and construction make a significant contribution to our nation’s economy and social wellbeing.”

The changes will ensure that BSP is focused on the right activities and has the right people and supporting structure to become a world-leading building system regulator.

Anna says, “This is going to make BSP more effective and will strengthen MBIE’s role as building regulator. We’re putting a structure in place that will enable us to think and act in an end-to-end way, and we’re making it easier to work with BSP, to provide a more seamless customer experience.”

Changing the way BSP works across the branch and across MBIE will ensure a more joined up approach that underpins a ‘whole of system’ view of building and construction.

These changes build on the strong mix of technical and policy expertise that is a unique feature of BSP.

“We know we can’t do this alone – BSP will collaborate with our internal and external partners to provide quality policy advice and guidance. The whole sector has a role to play in lifting performance, embracing innovation and moving forward,” says Anna.

As part of the changes, the Determinations team and a new Building System Assurance team have moved into MBIE’s Market Services group. This group already houses the Licensed Building Practitioner and Weathertight Services teams, and the addition of Determinations and Building System Assurance will bolster capability.

Overall, these changes involve the addition of 22 more roles – a significant investment for MBIE.

The new BSP structure takes effect from 2 October.

Determinations and Building System Assurance teams move to Market Services has further information.

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