Consultation on proposal for new edition of Fire Acceptable Solution C/AS2

Posted: 3 September 2018

Building Controls Update 238
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MBIE is seeking your feedback on a proposal to publish a new edition of Acceptable Solution (C/AS2) – a merger of the six separate Fire Acceptable Solution documents (C/AS2-7). The consultation runs from Monday 3 September 2018 until Friday 30 November 2018.

The proposed C/AS2 amends a number of omissions and inconsistencies following stakeholder engagement in recent years on the draft edition of the new Acceptable Solution.

In particular, three technical issues have been identified and included in the proposed C/AS2 Acceptable Solution as changes to performance settings:

  • adjusting the setting to prevent buildings within 1m of the boundary being constructed with no fire separations (eg all glass facades located on the property boundary)
  • removing “capable of storage consideration” and replacing it with a metric as per the settings prior to 2012
  • simplifying the content in C/AS2 by referencing D1/AS1 (Acceptable Solution for access routes) rather than repeating the content from D/AS1.

The consultation is a major piece of work focusing on Building Code clause C – Protection from Fire that requires targeted engagement with stakeholders who have previously contributed. Any changes as a result of the consultation will come into effect with the bi-annual Building Code system update scheduled for June 2019.

View the full proposal and information on how to provide feedback on the MBIE Corporate website.

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