BC Update 185: Glass barrier requirements changed on 1 June 2016

Posted: 31 May 2016

BC Update
Acceptable Solution B1/AS1 now incorporates Amendment 13, which cites the glass barrier requirements in section 22 of NZS 4223.3: 2016 Glazing in buildings – Part 3: Human impact safety requirements, and is effective from 1 June 2016.

This change means that new structural glass barriers complying with B1/AS1 will need to have an interlinking rail, unless the barrier is laminated safety glass and has features to retain panes of glass or prevent collapse, in the event of breakage.  An interlinking rail must be designed to resist serviceability limit state (SLS) loads, specified in AS/NZS 1170 and B1/VM1, in the event that a glass pane of the barrier breaks.

The Amendment 12 version of B1/AS1 and the associated glass barrier requirements cease to have effect on 31 May 2016.  However, building consent applications for glass barriers that were accepted before 1 June 2016 may use the old version of B1/AS1 (Amendment 12) to show compliance with the Building Code.

Building consent applications for glass barriers made on, or after, 1 June 2016 must comply with the new barrier requirements in Amendment 13 (i.e. section 22 of NZS 4223.3: 2016) if B1/AS1 is used, or achieve an equivalent level of performance using an alternative solution.  The application should include appropriate documentation, showing compliance with the barrier requirements in B1/AS1 Amendment 13, and sourced from barrier suppliers or suitably qualified engineers.

Only section 22 of NZS 4223.3: 2016 comes into force in B1/AS1 on 1 June.  The other remaining sections of NZS 4223.3:2016 are not part of B1/AS1 Amendment 13, but may be used as part of an alternative solution.

During July and August 2016, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment will be consulting on:

  • confirming the 1 June Amendment 13 on glass barrier changes in B1/AS1
  • proposals to incorporate the other sections of NZS 4223 Part 3: 2016 and other Parts of NZS 4223 into Acceptable Solutions.

Existing glass barriers are not required to be upgraded to comply with the new requirements, although retrofitting structural glass barriers to comply with NZS 4223:3: 2016 may be possible.

Acceptable Solution B1/AS1 1st edition, amendment 13.

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