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BC Update 153: Step-by-step video guides about repairs to earthquake-damaged houses

Posted: 7 March 2014

BC Update
Step-by-step video guides for Canterbury builders (and interested others) to use for the repair, re-level, or restoration of floor structures that have been affected by the earthquakes.

This Building Controls Update is a periodic news bulletin for the building sector.

So, you need to pack a pile? Or lift a wall plate? Or jack up a foundation?

After an earthquake floor structures may have been twisted, wrenched or tilted. We have produced three videos to help you repair, re-level or restore floor structures ‘right first time’.

These resources are part of our continuing support of the residential rebuild in Canterbury, which has included guidance, workshops and builders’ booklets.

How will these videos help me?

  • Show a best practice approach to the work
  • Take you through the process step by step
  • Include 3-D diagrams of key stages
  • Remind you how to keep safe
  • Demonstrate techniques in our booklet, 'Guide for Canterbury Builders – Below Floor Work'.
  • Let you re-play, pause and add to your playlist.

Note: These videos show one practical approach to the work, and support our guidance document - 'Repairing and rebuilding houses affected by the Canterbury earthquakes'.

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