Weathertight Services help for owners of leaky homes

You now have two ways to get help through the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.


The Ministry, and previously the Department of Building and Housing, has been assessing claims and helping homeowners settle disputes since 2006.  A recent review found not enough homes were getting repaired as intended when the Weathertight Homes Tribunal was established.

The government introduced the Financial Assistance Package (FAP) to help get more homes fixed faster.

The FAP will ensure more time and money is spent on repairing leaky homes instead of disputing the problem.

Combination of options

It is possible to repair your home with financial assistance and then seek to recover costs through the Weathertight Homes Tribunal from parties who have not contributed to your repair costs.

It is important to remember that it’s your choice which route you take to resolve your leaky home problem. Our Claims Advisors are there to help at every stage in the process.

Find out about:

A number of useful information packs can be downloaded from this website.

You can also read the Weathertight Homes Resolution Services Act on the New Zealand Legislation website Link to the  the New Zealand legislation website..