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Publications about building

This section contains publications about the Building Act 2004 and building controls, grouped in the following categories.

Building Act 2004 guidance

Guidance information on Building Act initiatives that affect different people, including homeowners and consumers, building owners, managers and developers, builders, tradespeople and designers, and building officials. You can browse the details of all Building Act publications or view our information for different people, which includes the relevant publications.

Weathertightness guidance

Guidance on building a weathertight home.

Other guidance information

Other guidance information published under section 175 of the Building Act 2004.

Code Watch

Code Watch is the update on changes to the Building Code and its documents.

Information Sheets

Information Sheets give:

  • Summaries of Building Code clauses
  • Key changes to Building Code documents.

Practice advisories

Practice advisories published under section 175 of the Building Act 2004.

Building Code Acceptable Solutions and Verification Methods

Acceptable Solutions and Verification Methods provide one means of complying with the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code. They are not mandatory, but buildings built to the method described in a Acceptable Solution and Verification Method are automatically deemed to comply with the Building Code.

View the Acceptable Solutions and Verification Methods »

Technical reports

Reports on building-related topics.

Technical reviews 

Reviews the performance of territorial authorities and building consent authorities in relation to their functions under the Building Act.


Codewords is the  building controls newsletter.

Building Controls Update

Building Controls Update (BC Update) is a periodic email news service.