Product assurance helps you prove Building Code compliance

In this section:

The product assurance framework helps manufacturers and suppliers choose the best, most cost-effective ways to show Building Code compliance. It gives more certainty about how New Zealand’s performance-based legislation applies to building products and systems.

Product assurance also helps:

  • building designers, engineers and consumers by providing clearer guidelines for products suitable for the building market
  • builders, specialist trades and building consent authorities (BCAs) with better technical information and greater certainty about product use.

Product assurance: a Ministry initiative

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment has developed the product assurance framework after working with industry groups and BCAs to lift standards of building quality and performance. It published a product assurance guide in 2010 and this is now widely used.

The Ministry continues to provide education and guidance to the building sector through regular seminars, workshops and other face-to-face contact.

The Ministry also administers CodeMark. This is a voluntary product certification scheme established under the Building Act 2004.

CodeMark is the ultimate in product assurance, as building products with CodeMark must be accepted as Code-compliant as long as they are used as specified.