Product assurance helps you prove Building Code compliance

In this toolkit:

  • How our laws apply, including tips for those importing building products
  • Showing you comply with the Building Code: explaining the product assurance approach and some of your options, and a step-by-step process for taking action
  • What product information you need, including how to create a product technical statement, or PTS
  • Tools and guides, including our PTS tool
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Help and support: case studies and suggestions for expert help.

If you make, import or supply building products or systems, it is your responsibility to make sure they are fit for their purpose and for use in the New Zealand market.
Product assurance is about providing evidence relating to your building product or system that is sufficiently reliable for anyone to use – whether they are trade merchants, designers, consumers, builders or building consent authorities (BCAs) – and showing it complies with the Building Code.

We explain your options for doing this. We also explain how our regulatory system works, why your product information and who backs this up are critical, and what to consider to get your products accepted, used and specified.

Information for building product users

Refer to our quick guides on:

These are both available on the Tools and guides page.

Product assurance: a Ministry initiative

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment developed the product assurance approach in 2010 after working with industry groups and BCAs to lift standards of building quality and performance. It continues to provide education and guidance to the building sector through regular seminars, workshops and other face-to-face contact.

The Ministry also administers a voluntary product certification scheme established under the Building Act 2004. Product certification (brand name CodeMark) is the ultimate in product assurance, as building products with this product certification must be accepted as Code-compliant as long as they are used as specified.

Learn more about product certification